That’s just the way it is!


So you believe the term “thug” is the wrong term to apply to those who committed the horrendous acts on Monday night, April 27th


(The problem with ‘thugs’, 4-30-15)? Would it better to call them evil people, bad people or punks? Or, let’s try misguided and immature teenagers and adults - now, do you feel better?


In actuality, whatever name, label, or tag is used does not make one iota of difference. We need to get to the root of the problem.


When I was teaching at Ridgely Junior High, in 1964, a mother approached me with the following question. “Mr. Jaffe, I don’t understand why my older son is doing so well and yet my young one is having all kinds of problems.” This was my response, “It’s very easy to be a producer, but very difficult to be a parent.”


Therefore, when we witness individuals looting, stealing, throwing rocks at police officers, setting fires, you can call those individuals any name you want. However, the truth is until we resurrect traditional marriage and the family as the heart and soul of our value system, we will never solve any of our problems. By the way, how about a better elementary public school system. You think that might help the cause? Politicians who say we need more programs or new laws are political fools. That’s just the way it is!


Ralph Jaffe