Community Activist - Counselor - People’s Advocate - Job Coach


    In the Classroom

  •  Pioneered new teaching methodology in 1969: Activism in the Classroom
  •  Developed curriculum, Government Theory and Practical Application, implemented

               in 5 private schools

  •  Motivated students to design National Youth Communications Week, legislation signed

          into law by President Nixon, 1969. Documented in January 1970 edition of

               Reader’s Digest

  •  Worked with students in getting various bills introduced into the state legislature or


                * Guide dog bill

                * Ban on non-returnable bottles

                * Voter’s right to reject all candidates on the ballot

  •  Established drug counseling center for troubled youth, People for Community Action, Inc.


    Community Activism Projects

  •   Adopt-A-Resident program in nursing homes
  •   Adopt-A-Soldier in Iraq
  •   AMTRAK Project for public safety
  •   BGE battle -expose’ of shortage of BGE crews for restoration of power following power


  •   Campaign for retirement of Elrod Hendricks Number
  •   Creation of matchmaking service, Jewish Personal Connections, with paid professional

                matchmaker funded by the Associated Jewish Charities

  •   Crime prevention proposals for Baltimore City and County
  •   Formation of ETHICS PARTY - 1st presidential candidate, 2008
  •   Former president of synagogue
  •   Free transportation program for non-drivers
  •   Initiation of federal and state lawsuits

              Jaffe vs. Board of Directors of Baltimore County Public Library

              Jaffe vs. Governor O’Malley

              Jaffe vs. Constellaltion-Exelon - BGE


  •   Installation of 3 traffic lights to save lives
  •   Introduction of various bills in the state legislature

             * Installation of telephones in public elevators

             * Protection of citizens from morally bankrupt TV repair people

  •    John Mackey Project
  •    Launching of My Brother’s Keeper Program to sponsor a prisoner in the state prison


  •    Light for Justice - conducting campaign for traffic light for Bais Yaakov School involving at

                least 3000 citizens

  •    Project Kindness - help for people in finding jobs.
  •    Project Senior Roots - proposed free trips to Israel for senior citizens
  •    Project Six to One - dignity for the elderly, proposed legislation to be introduced into the

                General Assembly to bring a ratio of no more than 6 patients for 1 nurse’s assistant.

  •    Project Cap (Care about Pets) - proposed legislation to put phony animal rescue groups

                out of business (animal trafficking)

  •     Save A Life - program for the elderly and the lonely