End Corruption: Join the Movement

Jewish Times - June 5, 2014


The introduction in the “Gubernatorial Primer” (“The JT’s guide to the June primaries,” May 23) fell short with regard to the Jaffe movement to get rid of corruption in Maryland government.


I would like to point out the glaring flaw: the omission of any information concerning the movement in the opening comments.


Where was it stated that I am an ongoing teacher who is attempting to show his students what has to be done in order to get rid of all the corruption in the state government? Where was it printed that as a teacher I know that the best way to teach is not simply with words, but by action? Did the writers let it be known that’s the reason I’m running for governor — as a teacher, not a politician? Where was it stated that when I ran for governor in 2010 (and received more than 19,000 votes), it was on a budget by design of $450 that came from my sister? Thus, I kept my word and did not take campaign contributions for the purpose of getting money out of politics.


This is a movement I’m encouraging your readers to join. On June 24, they have an opportunity to say to the career politicos, who have been deceiving the public with their empty promises, enough is enough.


Democratic candidates Attorney General Doug Gansler, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Delegate Heather Mizeur have raised more than $23 million combined in campaign contributions (which I refer to as bribes), spending it on things such as phony advertising. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if they had used that money for the needy in our state?


If I’m elected governor, I will take my salary, along with the lieutenant governor’s salary, and put the money in a separate trust fund to distribute to the poor and needy. That’s the difference between them and me.


Hopefully, JT readers will declare that they are fed up with crooked politics in the Maryland government and will vote for me, Ralph Jaffe, in the June 24 primary.


Ralph Jaffe

Democratic candidate for governor