A Teacher, Not A Politician

and...Leader of the MOVEMENT to

stop corruption in government

Ethics in...Corruption Out!



The JAFFE MOVEMENT's Mission Statement

"I am a teacher not a politician.  I use the political campaigns as a teaching device to show my students where the corruption is in  government.  Then, on a volunteer basis, my students can vote for the principles on which I stand.  The JAFFE MOVEMENT'S mission is to put a stop to corruption in the Maryland political system and to replace it with true, ethical reform".

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- Refuse Campaign Contributions

They are disguised bribes


- Serve One Term Only

The objective is to be a good public servant, not a career politician


- Serve Without Pay

It is community service - an opportunity to serve the public and make a meaningful contribution to the community


- Tell The Truth

This means all of the time, not some of the time


-Stay Away from Professional Lobbyists

They harm themselves, the interest groups they represent and the politicians

Platform Principles


Commitments to the Voters

1. No tax increases

     Will oppose any attempts by the General Assembly to

     increase taxes.


2. Will attempt to stop BGE from ripping off its customers

     BGE needs to be more sensitive to the needs of its

     customers rather than the needs of its stockholders.


3. Will attempt to abolish the Public Service Commission

     They are puppets of the current and past governors of



4. Will attempt to abolish the Maryland State

    Department of Education

     Local counties should control their own educational



5. Will attempt to abolish the Maryland Stadium Authority

      It is a waste of taxpayers’ money.


6. Will attempt to stop nursing home rip-offs

    of their residents

     Care given to patients unable to afford private aides

     is a disgrace.


7. Will attempt to abolish the Maryland Vehicle

    Emissions Inspection Program

     It is a waste of taxpayers' money.


The MOVEMENT tackles these issues:


  • The IRS scandal


  • Health Insurance rip off


  • VA scandal


  • Nursing Home exploitation of the elderly


  • Ripoffs involving Child Custody cases


  • BGE ripoff of its customers -

            MD Public Service Commission


  • Bribes - Politicians taking money for

            their campaigns


  • Speed Camera fiasco in Baltimore


  • Storm Water Taxes


  • Corruption in the Police Department


  • Traffic Light at Bais Yaakov


  • Spousal Abuse

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