Fwd: Electricity Crisis 05-11-15 Ralph Jaffee Calls for Krauser Resignation

Electricity Crisis 05-11-15


RALPH JAFFEE CALLS FOR KRAUSER RESIGNATION...Community Leader and Democratic US Senate Candidate Ralph Jaffee indicated to this writer today that Jaffee is calling for the resignation of Maryland Chief Judge of the Court of Special Appeals Peter Krauser...Jaffee said that he will be updating his website to call for such resignation...Krauser is THE Court of Special Appeals Judge who UPHELD De-Regulation in Maryland...what is particularly appalling about that decision is that, prior to appointment to the CSA, Krauser was the Chair of the Democratic Party in Maryland, raising HUGE amounts of money from BGE and other utilities to PUSH De-Regulation: that money was used to grease the palms of Gov. Glendening and the Maryland Legislature; Gov. Glendening REWARDED Krauser by appointing Krauswer to the CSA...Krauser did NOT recuse himself from the case, even though he should have...Krauser's corruption has earned Krauser a special place in the estimation of Exelon HQ on  Dearborn Street in Chicago...this Friday, May 15, 2015, the Maryland Public Service Commission WILL issue an Order APPROVING the Merger between Exelon and PEPCO (likely a 3-2 Order APPROVING the Merger, w/ Conditions [such "Conditions" BOGUS])..even if the Maryland Attorney General, the Office of People's Counsel, and various Intervenors file suit in Circuit Court, IT WILL BE KRAUSER WHO HANDPICKS THE 3 JUDGE PANEL TO HEAR AN APPEAL OF SUCH DECISION, AND KRAUSER'S PANEL WILL BACK EXELON...remember: the Court of Special Appeals (CSA) IS the highest court in Maryland for MOST cases...while it's the Maryland Court of Appeals (COA) that's the actual Supreme Court in Maryland, MOST CASES never get past the CSA, because the COA does NOT have to grant Certiorari to hear an appeal from the CSA...Ralph Jaffee's call MAY IMPACT THE MERGER: if the PSC thinks that Krauser's continued tenure on the CSA will be a source of controversy and under pressure, the Commission may be worried that its' Order may NOT get a rubberstamp by the CSA as a result and, possibly, back off GREENLIGHTING same...folks, THANK Ralph Jaffee by VOTING FOR HIM FOR US SENATE: RALPH'S RUNNING IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY... it's time we get someone who's on OUR side, NOT the side of BIG MONEY INTERESTS who will be funding other candidates-cb


Chris Bush

Publisher; The Electricity Crisis


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Call for Judge Krauser to resign


Ralph Jaffe

7618 Carla Road

Baltimore, Maryland 21208



May 12, 20015


Judge Peter Krauser

Chief Judge of Maryland Court of Special Appeals

361 Rowe Boulevard

Annapolis, Maryland 21401


Dear Judge Krauser,


In my capacity as a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in the April 2016 primary, I do not have the legal authority to make the Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals resign. However, I do have the moral authority to ask for your resignation.


While I believe you are a good person and a good family man , I am sorry to say I do not believe your are a good judge. Conflicts of interest concerning future appeals involving the Exelon-Pepco merger need to be examined. I believe the best course of action you can take for the citizens of Maryland is to resign. Such a step will give the customers of BGE a better chance of preventing BGE rip-offs - BGE rip-offs that have been made possible because of the role played by you and previous judges as well as previous politicians in the General Assembly and also the former Governor O’Malley along with his predecessors.


Furthermore, I feel we need to abolish the Maryland Public Service Commission. Be assured I will oppose any efforts by BGE to increase customer rates. Shame on the CEO of Exelon and his cohorts.



Ralph Jaffe


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