Electricity Crisis_2 05-11-15

SINGLE "E" IN JAFFE, RHYMES W/ "ELECTRICITY"...this writer did it again: Democratic Senate Candidate and consumer leader Ralph Jaffe spells his name w/ 2 "FF"s and 1 "E", but the "E" rhymes w/ the long E sound in "Electricity"...Chris Bush types Ralph's name as it sounds- w 2 EEs- instead of how it's spelled, w/ just 1 E...this faux pas is a redux- yours truly committed the same sound gaffe when Jaffe ran for Guv in 2014 (and, all I had to do is simply doublecheck his email which, of course, is single-E'd)...however, maybe I've stumbled on a way to remind oneself how to pronounce and spell Ralph's last name via the following acronym:


J Job 1 is to fight for consumers and the public

A Advocate for clean government and campaign finance reform

F Firm Friend of ratepayers

F Forward thinking policies

E Energy reforms including Re-Regulation of utility monopolies; the "E" in Jaffe rhymes w/ "electricity"

...because of my spelling miscue, Chris Bush has to stay after school, as a result, and write on the blackboard "Krauser is a schemer" 100 times-cb

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